Feature #2548

Add support for E1/T1 based BTSs to OsmoBSC

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Contrary to OsmoNITB, OsmoBSC never was able to talk to E1/T1 based BTSs so far.

See #2547 for handling TRAU frames in osmo-mgw to get them converted to/from RTP for AoIP.

This ticket is more about the signaling side. It's TBD on the details how the signaling is handled. We could possibly open signaling slots directly from the BSC (via libosmo-abis/e1_input), or we could have osmo-mgw open those slots and convert the HDLC payload / LAPD into something that can be transported over IP to osmo-bsc.

Once this has been implemented + tested, we have a fully-functional replacement for OsmoNITB, even for legacy E1/T1 BTSs.

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I've done some investigation here. My original fear was that the BSC might be trying to open all the TRAU timeslots on the E1 interface, which would then collide with OsmoMGW opening those slots.

But it seems this was already done correctly when moving from OsmoNITB ot OsmoBSC.
  • osmo-nitb will open all E1 timeslots that are mentioned in e1 line 0 timeslot 1 ... statements, whether for OML/RSL or for individual timeslots
  • osmo-bsc will only open the E1 timeslots carrying singaling, but not those used for TRAU traffic

The reason is found in the e1_reconfig_ts() function, which for the old NITB case contains:

        if (ts_is_tch(ts)) {
                e1_ts = &line->ts[e1_link->e1_ts-1];
                e1inp_ts_config_trau(e1_ts, line, subch_cb);
                subch_demux_activate(&e1_ts->trau.demux, e1_link->e1_ts_ss);

but this section has been removed from osmo-bsc's implementation of e1_reconfig_ts().

Hence, at least on a timeslot level, the BSC and the MGW should not clash with each other. The BSC will only open signaling, and the MGW should only open traffic timeslots.

The E1 line numbering and driver configuration would have to match on both of them, though. This means the section like

 e1_line 0 driver e1d
 e1_line 0 port 0

has to be identical in both osmo-bsc and omso-mgw in order to have a common understanding what physical E1 circuit 'line 0' maps to.

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