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04:47 AM OsmoBSC Revision f6809382 (osmo-bsc): vty: fix unreacheable code / wrong check in lchan_act_all_trx()
Change-Id: If7d8a108a147980d26b71836343d20b1b0b95579
Fixes: CID#214277


05:57 PM OsmoBSC Bug #4767: pcu interface: add suspend request support
Do you know if anybody is using osmo-pcu as a BSC co-located PCU? Does it even work?


08:02 PM OsmoBTS Bug #3032 (Resolved): (Wrong?) measurement of both RSSI and ToA on TCH channels
As it turned out, adding unit tests for low-level burst processing is not trivial, so it has been merged as is.
07:34 PM OsmoBTS Revision 4ded469b (osmo-bts): osmo-bts-trx/scheduler: refactor UL burst measurement processing
Currently the UL measurements (RSSI, ToA256, C/I) of the burst that
concludes a block are passed up to the higher lay...
03:53 PM OsmoPCU Feature #4761: ttcn3-pcu: Add test verifying behavior upon GPRS Suspension Request received from MS through PCUIF
Hi Pau,
> The test should validate:
> * A BSSGP SUSPEND is sent towards SGSN (and SUSPEND ACK is sent abck by it)...


07:03 PM OsmoPCU Feature #4547 (Resolved): support for frequency hopping in osmo-pcu
All changes have finally been merged.
05:53 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision befa21c5 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): {BTS,PCU}_Tests: bump default PCUIF version: 9 -> 10
Both osmo-bts and osmo-pcu are switching to PCUIFv10 soon, so let's
use the new version by default. For older (lates...
05:49 PM OsmoPCU Revision 8e2bd1e7 (osmopcu): pcuif_proto: version 10: add frequency hopping parameters
Change-Id: I6863830883d90954006a7126c22d348aa2a83271
Related: SYS#4868, OS#4547
05:05 PM OsmoBTS Revision 2302cb16 (osmo-bts): pcuif_proto: version 10: add frequency hopping parameters
Change-Id: I04782222b499d0488269544910fbd4ed9929c05d
Related: Idf11bc4ba3ff0b00b32f2beab8fd020c67119d05
Related: SYS#...
02:11 PM OsmoPCU Bug #4756 (Feedback): osmo-pcu: assert hit
Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the problem, neither in GPRS nor in EGPRS mode.

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