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09:49 AM pySim Revision 3409ae7e (pysim): Remove redundant hexstr_to_fivebytearr() and hexstr_to_threebytearr() functions
These functions are replaced by a more generic function hexstr_to_Nbytearr().
And, all occurances of redundant functi...
09:49 AM pySim Revision 45fa6048 (pysim): Use generic function hexstr_to_Nbytearr to convert hex string to 3/5 Bytes array
Change-Id: I1165e4928d063667f0b4dfc3437c9278e7ec7450
09:49 AM pySim Revision f3948535 (pysim): Add helper method to convert a hex string into array of N bytes string elements
Change-Id: I3af080726079729eae92af183de40dfc70c9390e
09:49 AM pySim Revision d84daa12 (pysim): Add helper method to encode Service Table
This method helps in encoding of Service Tables in EF.SST, EF.UST, EF.EST, EF.IST.
Takes original hex string of EF.SS...


06:31 PM pySim Revision a562ea03 (pysim): Add new line
Change-Id: I15c22131cf1e8695b6fb29b12f240d72ac5a423b
06:31 PM pySim Revision 4d9e6bea (pysim): Update UST table as per the latest 3GPP TS 31.102 specification
Change-Id: I07e250f0ada325a23cd58a33f162b0faa01d272b


01:56 PM pySim Revision 8e0fccdb (pysim): sysmoISIM-SJA2: Add support for programming Home ePDG Identifier
./ -p 0 -x 001 -y 01 -s 8988211900000000004 -i 001011234567895 \
-k 8baf473f2f8fd09487...
01:56 PM pySim Revision 71e38482 (pysim): Remove redundant function read_aid()
Change-Id: I46c4ac0b994db7fb5c3113175009175ec5c154e3
01:56 PM pySim Revision 1a13c442 (pysim): Use the function select_adf_by_aid for selecting an AID
Basically, the idea is to read all the AIDs on the UICC once
rather than reading each time we want to select an ADF.
01:56 PM pySim Revision 80164059 (pysim): Populate AIDs present in SysmoISIMSJA2 UICC
Change-Id: I5f00aa9b03b41818aaa95291fe6c1e525bb0571f

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